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This section is designed for practitioners to find helpful and insightful information on children and young people who have experienced, witnessed or perpetrated any form of domestic abuse.

CRUSH is dedicated to helping young people make safe and healthy relationships, and takes an active role in prevention and intervention with school based programmes.


West Mercia Women's Aid

Referrals to Refuge, Community Support, IDVA Support, Recovery Groups, C&YP Recovery Groups, including information for agencies & professionals.

0800 783 1359 - Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin

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Expect RespectExpect Respect

Is a free educational toolkit which consists of one easy to use ‘Core’ lesson for each year group from reception to year 13 and is based on themes that have been found to be effective in tackling domestic abuse. Although the Expect Respect Education Toolkit is targeted for use by teachers within schools, it can just as easily be used by a range of other professionals working with children and young people in a variety of settings such as youth clubs or play schemes. You do not need to download the whole toolkit. You can just download the introductory section and the year that is appropriate to the age group you are working with.

Expect Respect; a toolkit for addressing teenage domestic abuse.
Women's Aid have also worked with the Home Office to produce Expect Respect: A Toolkit for addressing Teenage Relationship Abuse. This adapted version of the Toolkit is one strand of a campaign launched by the Home Office, in February 2010, to challenge the attitudes of teenagers to violence and abuse in relationships. Visit the campaign website at


The GREAT Projectgreatlogo large

The GREAT project enables primary school children to gain knowledge about healthy relationships, to explore what domestic violence is and to know where to go for help and support. The GREAT project is  delivered to year 5 & 6 pupils by facilitators trained by Nottingham Domestic Violence Forum (NDVF). It is delivered in an age appropriate, fun and interactive way.

As early as 2007, NDVF identified the importance of early intervention and awareness raising in schools and since 2002 has delivered workshops, projects and presentations to thousands of pupils, teachers and support staff in schools across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The GREAT Project is a 4 x 2 hour session project designed to promote healthy relationships and raise awareness about domestic violence to year 5 and 6 pupils


 Helping Handshelping-hands

Helping Hands provides a preventative and early intervention strategy in relation to all children who do not feel safe, specifically children that are affected by domestic abuse. It creates a shared language and tools for the facilitator and children to discuss feelings and safety. The programme is aimed at children aged 4 to 11 years old, ideally with 4-6 year old's using the material on a 1-1 basis and 7-11 year old's using the material in group work.

The key message of the Helping Hands programme are:

  • We all the right to feel safe all the time
  • There is nothing so awful (or to small) that we cannot talk about it with someone
  • Others have the right to feel safe with us

The primary purpose of Helping Hands is to increase children's understanding of feeling safe and to explore and promote behaviours which will contribute to a safe environment.