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The relationship between running away and child sexual exploitation. This research was conducted by Barnardos and Paradigm Research. It explores the link between running away and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and poses discussion around who does running away and CSE affect? By Emilie Smeaton, Barnardos (2013)

Phase one key findings from Manchester, Bath and Keele University research project, to explore why some boys become domestic abuse perpetrators and others do not. This research reinforces that we need early prevention with children for them to identify healthy relationships. By Claire L. Fox, Mary-Louise Corr, David Gadd and Ian Butler. (2013)

A report from the NSPCC responding to and enhancing our understandings of the complex nature of sexting and the role of mobile technologies within peer teen networks. By Jessica Ringrose, Rosalind Gill, Sonia Livingstone and Laura Harvey. (2012)

A parent's and carer's guide to violence & abuse in teenage relationships, from the Home Office "This Is Abuse" campaign. (2013)

Sexual Violence and the law; a young person's guide.An idea by Parminda Sidhu, former young person's worker at the Haven Paddington and written by Rights of Women. (2012)

CAADA Fact Sheet based on research with 163 teenager's from across the UK. (2012)

NSPCC statistics on domestic abuse and children from November 2012.

Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner for England has announced plans for Year 2 of our School Exclusions Inquiry. The Year 1 report, "They never give up on you" found most schools work hard to cater for troubled students.  However, for the first time on record, schools admitted illegally excluding children. (2012)

This report presents the findings from an evaluation of a prevention programme on sexual exploitation, delivered by the NIA project in partnership with the Children’s Society. (2011)