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An unhealthy relationship is when you feel scared, unhappy or pressurised into doing things that you may not want to do!

These are some of the most common warning signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • Put's you down a lot
  • Making you feel bad about yourself, name calling or making you feel guilty
  • Treating you like a servant
  • Make's all your decisions
  • Destroying property (maybe punching walls or furniture)
  • Hurting pet's
  • Make's you feel scared by a look, a gesture or displaying weapons
  • Denies the abuse
  • Saying you caused it
  • Pretends it didn't happen
  • Threatens to hurt you, leave you, hurt your family or commit suicide
  • Rape
  • Forces you to have pictures or videos taken
  • Isolates you from friend's and family
  • Control's where you go, what you do
  • Using jealousy as a sign of true love
  • Threatens to tell things about you
  • Spreading lies or rumours about you

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What can i do?

 Learn about what is abuse

Think about how you can keep yourself safe


You can talk to Childline

You can explore your feelings through websites, such as Respect Not Fear and The Hideout


Things to remember:

It can take a lot of courage for someone to end or leave an abusive relationship, so give yourself a lot of support. Don't blame yourself for staying in the relationship longer than others may think you should. Help yourself by making a plan, and remember that this may take time.

It's not your fault - you are not to blame. If someone does tell you that it's your fault, remember that this is just another form of abuse.

Everyone has the right to live without fear - domestic abuse is not normal and it is horrible for everyone living in that situation.

It is easy to copy behaviour because we learn by example. Try to remember that no one should be treated badly or abused and it is very uncool to be a violent bully.